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Privacy Policy



The entity responsible for processing your personal data is our company:

  • Corporate name: Arquiluz, S.A.

  • Electronic mail: info (at)

  • Telephone: +507 226 1278

  • Address: Edificio 927. Calle 75 1/2 San Francisco. Panama



Please be informed that the information and data provided will be used solely for your registration on the Arquiluz platform, giving you access to the benefits of a user account that allows you to, amongst other things, download information about products and projects as well as using software for the creation of products and spaces.

If you grant us permission to send you marketing communications or our newsletter with your consent, with a view to offering you products and services in line with your interests, we will create a “user profile” based on the information provided. No automated decisions will be implemented based on that profile.

Any other purpose will be communicated to you before proceeding to use your information.

The personal data provided will be stored for the period of time specifically necessary to carry out the specific ends as outlined without affecting its storage for making available to the competent authorities and for dealing with complaints. In such case the data will remain blocked until the end of the limited period at which time it will be destroyed.

With regards to our newsletter mailing the service will cease in effect when the user has not opened any new communications for the period of 10 years.

Legitimating processing


The legal basis for the use of your personal information and data is consent.

On the other hand if you give us your consent through marking the corresponding additional box, we will send you commercial communications and carry out the related tasks strictly in accordance with the consent provided and purposes as outlined. You can revoke your consent for receiving commercial communications at any time for each of the communications, by simply clicking on the included link provided for this purpose, or by communicating your wish to revoke consent by mail.

The withdrawal of this last consent will in no way affect the carrying out of your main dealings with you.


Your personal information and data will not be sold, leased nor put at the disposal of third parties. In determinate cases access to your data will be given to selected providers who work with our company, such as for the sending of newsletters but in no way will be connected with their own ends. You can request a complete list from us of the companies that have access to your data in our role as intermediaries from the following e-mail info (at)

In the case where any of our service providers are handling your personal data in a third country our company will apply all the relevant measures and controls at its disposal for the protection of your personal data. The principal measures adopted by our company when transferring personal data internationally are set out in the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, adherence to international agreements such as Privacy Shield and the request for approved and recognised certification and codes of conduct. You can request a copy of the list of providers processing your personal data in a third country from the following e-mail info (at)

Below we provide you with a list of all our providers who may have access to your personal data because of the services they provide:

  • Emailing

  • Hosting

  • Advertizing platforms


Current regulations grant you the following rights:

  • Right of access: You will have the right to know the personal data that we use in relation to our dealings with you.

  • Right of correction: You will have the right to be able to correct or complete that I either incorrect or incomplete.

  • Right of removal: You can request that your personal data be deleted from our systems and files.

  • Right of complaint: You will have the right to withdraw the use of your personal data for direct marketing actions. A well as for personal reasons, unless the basis for such use is of legitimate interest.

  • Right to limit the use of personal data: You have the right to request limitations on the processing of personal data if said data is impugned or used illegally or in the case where the deletion of your personal data is not required but instead limitations put on its use. Also when that data is no longer necessary for use, but is required by you into order to formulate and exercise your right of complaint. And finally when you are opposed to its use while it is adjudicated whether the owner’s interests outweigh those of the interested party.

  • Right to data portability: You will have the right to obtain a copy of all the personal data that you have provided us with and when technically possible the right to request that your personal data is sent to another processor.

​You can exercise these rights without incurring any cost, as well as withdrawing the consent previously granted, at any time by just contacting our company through one of the following means and including a copy of your ID or equivalent documentation that validates your identity Right of access: You will have the right to know the personal data that we use in relation to our dealings with you.​

  • Via electronic mail sent to the following address info (at)

  • Via post sent to the Protection of Data and Security Committee for information belonging to Arquiluz, S.A., located at Edificio 927. Calle 75 1/2 San Francisco. Panama.

In the case of needing to make an enquiry or suggestion in relation to the use of your personal data you can also contact the addresses provided for the exercising of your rights.

Source of the data

Be advised that in case if of having been registered under the “Social registry” option, the required personal data to carry out our service will have been obtained through another company. Depending on the method of registration selected your personal data will have been facilitated from one of the following companies:

  • Facebook Ireland, Ltd. (Facebook)

  • Linkedin Ireland Unlimited Company (Linkedin)

The personal data categories are

  • Identification data

  • Contact data

No personal data that is especially protected will be used.

Confidentiality and security in dealing with your personal data


All data received by our company will be treated with the utmost respect confidentiality. Our company has established all possible technical advancements and other mediums at our disposal in order to prevent the loss, inappropriate use, unauthorised access or copying of the personal data supplied.

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